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Learn Spanish on the go, anytime, anywhere. Learning Spanish has never before been so easy and fun. You will learn at your own pace with the Spanish course App and with the high-quality content Wlingua can offer you.


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Anywhere: iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon, Windows 8 and in your browser.

3 levels

The course is divided in 3 levels: A1, A2 and B1, and it is the equivalent of studying 3 years in a language academy. Obviously, since it is an online course you can complete it in less time, at your own pace.

Easy explanations

With 420 lesson we cover all the content every competent speaker of Spanish needs to know. The lessons were made to be easy and understandable with an appropriate level of difficulty for each learner.

Easy guided learning process

No frustrations. You will feel you learn more and more Spanish everyday. You will see how the course materials are adapted to your level of knowledge and how you improve in every new lesson.

Vocabulary exercises

The vocabulary is a crucial area while learning languages. In this course you have more than 9.000 words. You will learn their meaning, pronunciation and usage.

Spaced repetitions

The learning process is optimized so that you can take maximum advantage of your time. Learn easily new vocabulary thanks to spaced repetitions (vocabulary revision tests at increasingly intervals).


Learn how to pronounce correctly with audios by native speakers.

Spanish from Spain an from LatAm

These two variations in the same course. Choose which one you want to study.

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